Radino Brothers

A great story to tell…

In the fifties, the Radino brothers reinforced the business founded by their father Francesco and opened in Milan a chain of stores, where only olive oil was sold.

The initiative was very successful. The “Olio Radino” shops soon became fifteen, located in the main street of the town. The logo designed by Gino Boccasile, a smart illustrator of the time and the excellent quality of the product contributed to strenghten the corporate image.

Back to our roots

Twenty years later, reminding his ancestors’ experience, Francesco Radino decided to get back to his roots starting again to cultivate his own lands.

The company Francesco Radino was created in Rapolla, Basilicata, where an excellent Aglianico del Vulture wine – Nostos – and an extraordinary biological olive oil – Francesco Radino – began to be produced in limited quantities.

A new beginning

Azienda Agricola Radino was acquired by the D’Angelo’s in 2015. The historical values are preserved as well as the tireless search for quality and excellence.

Arcidiaconata and Colignelli aglianico wines are introduced, both biological wine, assuring company’s continuity and tradition. A new page of a real story we would love to share with you.


A noble, ancient grape

Amongst Italy’s best wine offerings is an ancient grape called Aglianico, whose origins are buried in the Ancient Thessaly, Greece. It is probably the grape with the longest consumer history of all and, around 800 BC, it was brought in the southern regions of Italy by Greek settlers. At Radino, we simply love it, and from this black grape we are able to produce a full-bodied Wine. Wines produced from Aglianico tend to be full-bodied with a firm tannic structure and a great ageing potential.